Affordable Holiday Home for Sale: The Grasmere

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The “Willerby Grasmere” holiday home from one of our approved agents, is for sale at Millbrook Caravan Park, Plot 14. At £29,590 you certainly get high quality for the price being a 12′ holiday home, and Millbrook offering free site fees till 2020. Once inside you’re welcomed by 2 bedrooms, a spacious bathroom, and open plan living, kitchen and dining area. Plenty of space for all the family to relax and enjoy. Click on the link below to view the Willerby Grasmere and take a look around. If you like what you see contact our wardens Gail & Paul to organise a viewing of your possible future holiday home!

Click here to see the Willerby Grassmere


As soon as you open the doors to the Grassmere the amount of natural light that flows in through the floor to ceiling double glazed windows instantly guides your eyes to the beautiful views of the park. After all, isn’t picturesque views one of the main reasons you’re wanting a holiday home in the country? Picture waking up to the morning sunshine gleaming through the windows, whilst sitting with a piping hot up of coffee soaking up the views. Bliss!


If you’re a young family then the Grasmere is ideal with the amount of space the living room has to offer, perfect for kids getting stuck into playing or in other words making mess. If you’re an older family then adding an extra large coffee table and cosy tuffets to pop your feet onto could optimise the space. The neutral L shaped seating has clever storage underneath their cushions, so taking up blankets and festive decorations to store for the Christmas winter months would be ideal so you can spend a weekend in your holiday home at any time of the year!

Meanwhile, the dining area takes on the contemporary interior design trend of picnic seating with comfy cushioned seating to sit as many people as you can at the table.


The kitchen area already comes complete with a large fridge freezer and single gas oven with grill. Finished in a neutral colour palette and modern design you can cook with practical worktops and maximum cupboard storage. Having the dining table placed into the kitchen area rather than off to the side like many other holiday homes, makes the Grasmere all the more unique and can even prove a great kitchen island surface to work off as well.

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The spacious bathroom comes with a clean modern white suite complete with an enclosed shower. Liven the room up with some bursts of greenery to help you fully relax and unwind.  There is a theme of  wooden oak furniture throughout the Grasmere adding to the tactile essence of being in the countryside. Oak is also easy to pair with any colour theme so you can style your holiday home to whatever your taste.



If you’re someone who likes to hike in the countryside, then the bedroom is ideal to store all your hiking gear. Around a corner of the bedroom is an almost walk-in-wardrobe tucked away to keep the mess hidden so you can still feel peace whilst you sit in bed. Not only is this great if you’re a hiker, but great if you’re a hoarder of clothes- many of us guilty of that one. As this is a more affordable holiday home the storage is more simplistic with shelving units compared to draws, but can make a great statement to display all off your belongings. If you like organisation then IKEA organisers can help to give you the illusion of draws.

The plot is in a perfect location at Millbrook, right near the river so you can watch and listen to the stream as you escape reality in your holiday home.




If the Grassmere is ticking all your boxes, including being an affordable holiday home,  then contact us to organise a viewing of  The Grasmere for yourself! Visit our website for more information.

Walk it: Cat Bells


About a 45 minute drive up from Millbrook Caravan Park lies Cat Bells in the North Lakes, Keswick. Surprisingly for the picturesque views of Derwent Water, it’s a very moderate walk being mostly flat with a slight incline. This makes the path easy for the whole family to get involved without it being too overbearing for the little ones, or too strenuous for the inexperienced hiker.


There’s plenty to see along the way like farmland, repeat wave patterns of hills in the distance and of course the beautiful lake. For a more rocky and steep pathway you can follow the option of the more challenging route to give yourself even more satisfaction once you reach the peak.

Once at the top the view is magnificent but also full of life as Cat Bells is one of the most popular walks in Keswick. You can see couples tucking into their picnics and the friendly sheep of Cat Bells that are scattered across the hills. Watch out they don’t steal your lunch! Spending a Sunday afternoon looking over the beautiful reflection of the hills in the clear crisp waters of Derwent Water sounds just like the weekend wind down everyone needs before the Monday morning stress again. Professional hikers agree- there is no view more rewarding than Cat Bells.

Reward yourself with a nice cold pint in Keswick town afterwards. Cheers!


Fit Right Into The Countryside With The ‘Countrystyle’ Holiday Home! SOLD

The “Willerby Countrystyle” Holiday Home from “New Statics for Sale”, one of our approved agents is for sale at Millbrook Caravan Park, Plot 34. This version of Willerby’s holiday homes is a special and so only available for a limited amount of time- so don’t miss your chance! Please see link below to view the Willerby Countrystyle on our website. Explore what the Willerby Countrystyle has to offer and come and see for yourself, our park wardens would love to tour you around the holiday home and our park.

Click here to see The Countrystyle

If you’re looking for a place to escape to in the countryside then why not go for the Willerby Countrystyle? I mean, it couldn’t get anymore literal than that. This holiday home does exactly what it says on the tin giving you the perfect stylish home from home but in the presence of the beautiful British countryside. Like what you hear so far? Us too- lets get to the details shall we…

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First things first, SPACE, The Willerby is a 35’x12′ holiday home so you’ve stacks of room for the whole family to come up and make memories with you. You could even bring extra friends or just simply stretch and put your feet up, the generous seating area will cater for whichever you desire. In fact, the Willerby Countrystyle is one of the few Willerby holiday homes that has secret hidden storage to take advantage of the space even more (but more of that later). For a mid-range price at £33,495 the Countrystyle comes with some serious perks and luxury details.

The exterior is a gleaming environmental green in a cladding texture, complete with UPVC double glazed windows to keep the heat in and the rain out for those wetter days. Along with central heating and a toasty fire you can visit the Willerby Countrystyle whatever time of year and guaranteed to stay cosy and warm.

IMG_6968 2

The living area takes a neutral colour approach by using shades of a dark beige on the soft furnishings and light woods for the furniture. Storage is one of the best functions of the living area with unique overhead storage as well as large spacious cupboards around the interior. Whilst this is the Willerby Countrystyle after all, this holiday home wouldn’t be complete without country inspired interior design of course; with light floral patterned curtains and a shaker style kitchen. To help inject more country design stock up on the floral soft furnishings, animal inspired decorative accessories and pastel coloured pieces for a light bright interior. If you’re not into the feminine touch why not take on British country heritage instead by mixing tartans and tweeds for a moody cosy feel.

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We’ve already mentioned the generous seating that stretches all the way around the front of the Willerby Countrystyle- but lets get to the dining area. Cleverly tucked away from the kitchen and walkway sits a family sized wooden dining table complete with a nifty soft cushioned stool which can be moved anywhere else desired in the holiday home (dressing table chair or emergency chair? You decide) You won’t be fighting for elbow room thats for sure as the Countrystyle has been designed to give each individual their personal space because of the seating adapting to a circular layout.

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A shaker kitchen really gives the Willerby Countrystyle the approval of country interior design. It’s bright, it’s sleek and most importantly functions as good as your kitchen from home. The Countrystyle already comes with a fridge/freezer, microwave, cooking hob and fan so you can get cooking as soon as you arrive for your first stay in your new holiday home. The wooden patchwork tops not only look like a contemporary twist on this shaker kitchen but also help the wooden choice of furniture flow throughout the different rooms.

IMG_6961 2IMG_6962 2

Both the master and twin bedrooms have that extra luxury by gifting the owners with a high quality bedding pack and comfort plus mattresses for all beds so you can get a dreamy nights sleep. After all your holiday is for relaxing after all. The master bed also lifts for under bed storage- ideal for shoes or lager items you can store out of sight and out of mind so your Countrystyle can keep its clean finish. Both bedrooms have overhead storage and separate wardrobes, with the master also having a dressing table and stool. Our personal favourite part of the bedroom (and also the living space) are the USB charging ports for your phones or any other devices which saves you messing around with bulky plugs and even saves your relief if you forget to bring your charging plug from home. Phew!
Bathroom is small but has enough space for a standing shower and under the sink storage to keep your essentials here when you go back home.

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 20.12.53

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 20.13.03

Whether you’re a couple looking for somewhere to spend your weekends, or a family wanting to cherish memories on the school holidays then the Willerby Countrystyle could be just what you’re looking for. Contact us to organise a viewing of the holiday home and see for yourself just how cosy and spacious the Countrystyle is! Visit our website for more information.

New Year, New Holiday Home. Swift Bordeaux For Sale on the park!

The “Swift Bordeaux” Holiday Home from “Kendal Caravans”, one of our approved agents is for sale at Millbrook Caravan Park, Plot 11. Come and see for yourself! Please see link below to view the Bordeaux on our website.

The Bordeaux offer at Millbrook Caravan Park


What better way to start the new year than owning your own holiday home? If you set yourself a new years resolution to relax, spend more time with the family, or just find something you can enjoy and escape to then please let us introduce you to the Swift Bordeaux. This luxurious holiday home is accompanied by smart and contemporary interior design such as grey wood panelling “Nebraska Oak”, high quality charcoal coloured units and pendant lighting- just to name a few. The overall feel of the interior is cosy from the use of darker neutral colours and soft furnishings, whilst also gives a Scandinavian design theme. If you’d like a little bit of luxury in 2019 then the Swift Bordeaux ticks those boxes with spacious high ceilings (7ft), chic LED lighting and full insulation.


Finished in the colour environmental green and fitted with double glazing this holiday home will be feel toasty and warm whilst blending into the countryside landscape. With a set of outlook patio doors to let the fresh country air in during the warmer months, a decking would complete the deluxe feel perfectly so you can relax and sit back with easy access inside.


The dining and kitchen area is one of the highlights of this holiday home. The charcoal cupboards topped with marble tops and finished off with industrial copper and golden details on the taps and handles is right on trend within the interior design field. The kitchen section of the home has it’s own large space, room for plenty of helpers in the kitchen, complete with vinyl wooden flooring to clean up any spillages easily. The far left island can be converted into a breakfast bar if the sofa is moved forward slightly to enhance the space even more. With 4 country styled dining chairs and large table you’ll have plenty room for family or guests to entertain and enjoy your holiday home. Using black for the chairs helps to tie in all the darker tones as well as highlighting that slight Scandinavian theme making the dining space slick and on trend.

Bedrooms are a place for peaceful sleeping and so have been designed to make the room as cosy and warm as possible with help from the muted yellow tones and tartan details on the headboards. The twin and 2 master bedrooms come complete with over the head storage as well as separate wardrobes and sideboards so you can store belongings in your caravan to feel like you have a home from home. Both bedrooms are roomy with heating throughout and large open windows for the light to filter through. For that little extra that makes life easier the bedrooms also have USB ports to charge your mobile phones next to the beds- caravans may seem like an old english traditional holiday, but they’re moving with the times and proving a luxurious stay, and that is one reason why holiday homes are here to stay.

The Swift Bordeaux is here for the taking so click the link at the start of the post to find out more details or contact us! The only thing you have to decide on is how you want to style it, that is up to you, come and take a look at the Bordeaux on Millbrook Caravan Park.

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Walk it: Aira Force Ullswater


Ullwsater is famed for being the second largest lake in Cumbria and hosting some of the most breathtaking views in the country. A popular and moderate walking route is Aira Force, a fairly flat pathway through the woodland and hills which follow the streams and waterfalls of Ullswater. It’s when you see this side of the lake you get to really appreciate how one of the country’s most magnificent lakes is formed.



I say this is a moderate walk, this is if the snow doesn’t fall like it did this time last year, then as you’d presume it becomes more challenging but is worth it for the rarity of seeing Ullswater covered in snow almost knee deep. With a dusting of snow over the mountain tops, thick snow so perfectly untouched at the bottom and the cotton wool like texture of the clouds, this scenery is fit for a post card.

Whatever weather, whichever time of year you decide to visit Aira Force Ullswater you’re in for awe inspiring views which explains why people say that the English Lake District is one of the most beautiful places in the country. Just a little word of warning, if you find yourself in the same situation in having almost 4 feet of snow on your trek, please make sure you have the correct footwear and clothing- after-all no ones wants wet socks no matter how much piping hot tea and tomato soup is waiting for you at the end.



Walk it: Old Man Coniston


First things first, welcome to Millbrook’s very own blog! From posts recommending the best places to visit around Cumbria, posts to inspire you to make your caravan as cosy as your home and posts revealing even more information about Millbrook Caravan Park, our blog will keep you up to date with all of these topics!


The Lake District is famously one of the most beautiful places to tie up your walking boots to discover the breathtaking views Cumbria can offer. Old Man Coniston, just on the east side of Windermere, nextdoor to the lake of Coniston, is the 28th highest mountain to climb in the UK and proves quite a challenging walk (especially if temperatures are above 20 degrees)! Taking around 2 and 1/2 hours to climb up it was most rewarding when reaching the top to see glimpses of Ambleside in the distance as well as lake Coniston scattered with tiny dots, which up close were huge boats.


Old Man Coniston may not be the highest point, but is most certainly a walk that’s more scenic with half way up being a small lake filled with mineral water. Although the water was freezing it was fairly clear so is a perfect time to take off your, by this point, heavy walking boots to freshen up your feet. Many other people had the same idea of sitting around for a rest and snacking on their packed lunches, you may even make 2 new friends as a male and female duck have claimed this lake their home. As it was a pretty hot when we climbed Old Man Coniston some brave walkers even took a swim.


As you continually walk up there are remains of what used to be a slate quarry that ran mid way from the top along with discarded tracks and old buildings.


With only a dusting of white clouds in the light blue sky when reaching the top it was perfect for a full view. The highest mountain in the UK, Scafell Pike, was luckily in sight with such a clear sky, so proved great timing to take a perch on the rocky top and not only catch your breath but soak up the wonderful views from Old Man Coniston.