Millbrook wants to thank you all for a brilliant year!

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2019 has been a milestone for Millbrook and the family. Our wardens Gail & Paul celebrated their 4th year with us in 2019, we enjoyed record breaking heatwaves (especially over the Easter bank holiday) along with welcoming new customers onto the park.

What made 2019 especially memorable and special was our 50th year anniversary. It’s amazing to see how Millbrook started when Stanley and Betty ruled the roost, to how the park has developed as a business over the years and to see how it is today.

Read our previous blog post about the history of Millbrook here

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To celebrate this family achievement and to thank all the clients, contractors, past and present wardens a summer party on the August bank holiday Monday was held. And it was a hot one!!

All generations of the family took part including the present partners Barry, Glynis, Linda & Rodney, along with Betty their 90 year old mum who started the whole journey and still takes an interest in the parks progress.

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Now that 2019 draws to an end and new beginnings of 2020 are in sight we would like to thank all clients and wardens of Millbrook for helping make the park what it is today- a friendly and relaxing place to enjoy your holiday home in the country. As a family we will continue with progressing the park in the new year, hopefully welcoming some new friendly faces to join the park community.

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Luxury Holiday Home for Sale: The Swift Bordeaux SOLD

The “Swift Bordeaux” Holiday Home from “Kendal Caravans”, one of our approved agents is for sale at Millbrook Caravan Park, Plot 11. Come and see for yourself! Please see link below to view the Bordeaux on our website.

The Bordeaux offer at Millbrook Caravan Park


This luxurious holiday home is finished with smart and contemporary interior touches such as the sleek “Nebraska Oak” wood panelling, high quality coloured units and metallic pendant lighting- just to name a few. The use of darker neutral colours and soft furnishings gives the Bordeaux a cosy feel. If you’d like a little bit of luxury in the new year 2020 then the Swift Bordeaux ticks those boxes with spacious high ceilings (7ft), chic LED lighting and full insulation.

Finished in the colour environmental green and fitted with double glazing this holiday home will feel toasty and warm whilst blending into the countryside landscape. With a set of outlook patio doors to let the fresh country air in during the warmer months, a decking would complete the deluxe feel perfectly so you can relax and sit back with easy access inside.

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The dining and kitchen area are the highlight of this holiday home. The charcoal cupboards topped with marble work surfaces, finished with golden handle details and matching golden tap makes for a beautiful space to cook. The kitchen itself has its own large space, room for plenty of helpers in the kitchen, complete with vinyl wooden flooring to clean up any spillages easily. The far left island can be converted into a breakfast bar if the sofa is moved forward slightly to enhance the space further.

With 4 country style dining chairs and large table you’ll have plenty room for family or guests to entertain and enjoy your holiday home.


Bedrooms in the Swift Bordeaux are designed to help you get a peaceful nights sleep with cosy tartan headboards giving that little nod to country style interior. The twin and 2 master bedrooms come complete with over the head storage as well as separate wardrobes and sideboards so you can store belongings and feel like you have a home from home.

Both bedrooms are roomy with heating throughout and large open windows for the light to filter through. For that little extra that makes life easier the bedrooms also have USB ports to charge your mobile phones next to the beds- caravans may seem like an old English traditional holiday, but they’re moving with the times and proving a luxurious stay, proving caravan holidays are certainly here to stay.

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The Swift Bordeaux is here for the taking so click the link at the start of the post to find out more details or contact us! The only thing you have to decide on is how you want to style it, that is up to you, come and take a look at the Bordeaux on Millbrook Caravan Park, just contact Gail & Paul for more information. Contact 015395 67624



Fit Right Into The Countryside With The ‘Countrystyle’ Holiday Home! SOLD

The “Willerby Countrystyle” Holiday Home from “New Statics for Sale”, one of our approved agents is for sale at Millbrook Caravan Park, Plot 34. This version of Willerby’s holiday homes is a special and so only available for a limited amount of time- so don’t miss your chance! Please see link below to view the Willerby Countrystyle on our website. Explore what the Willerby Countrystyle has to offer and come and see for yourself, our park wardens would love to tour you around the holiday home and our park.

Click here to see The Countrystyle

If you’re looking for a place to escape to in the countryside then why not go for the Willerby Countrystyle? I mean, it couldn’t get anymore literal than that. This holiday home does exactly what it says on the tin giving you the perfect stylish home from home but in the presence of the beautiful British countryside. Like what you hear so far? Us too- lets get to the details shall we…

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First things first, SPACE, The Willerby is a 35’x12′ holiday home so you’ve stacks of room for the whole family to come up and make memories with you. You could even bring extra friends or just simply stretch and put your feet up, the generous seating area will cater for whichever you desire. In fact, the Willerby Countrystyle is one of the few Willerby holiday homes that has secret hidden storage to take advantage of the space even more (but more of that later). For a mid-range price at £33,495 the Countrystyle comes with some serious perks and luxury details.

The exterior is a gleaming environmental green in a cladding texture, complete with UPVC double glazed windows to keep the heat in and the rain out for those wetter days. Along with central heating and a toasty fire you can visit the Willerby Countrystyle whatever time of year and guaranteed to stay cosy and warm.

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The living area takes a neutral colour approach by using shades of a dark beige on the soft furnishings and light woods for the furniture. Storage is one of the best functions of the living area with unique overhead storage as well as large spacious cupboards around the interior. Whilst this is the Willerby Countrystyle after all, this holiday home wouldn’t be complete without country inspired interior design of course; with light floral patterned curtains and a shaker style kitchen. To help inject more country design stock up on the floral soft furnishings, animal inspired decorative accessories and pastel coloured pieces for a light bright interior. If you’re not into the feminine touch why not take on British country heritage instead by mixing tartans and tweeds for a moody cosy feel.

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We’ve already mentioned the generous seating that stretches all the way around the front of the Willerby Countrystyle- but lets get to the dining area. Cleverly tucked away from the kitchen and walkway sits a family sized wooden dining table complete with a nifty soft cushioned stool which can be moved anywhere else desired in the holiday home (dressing table chair or emergency chair? You decide) You won’t be fighting for elbow room thats for sure as the Countrystyle has been designed to give each individual their personal space because of the seating adapting to a circular layout.

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A shaker kitchen really gives the Willerby Countrystyle the approval of country interior design. It’s bright, it’s sleek and most importantly functions as good as your kitchen from home. The Countrystyle already comes with a fridge/freezer, microwave, cooking hob and fan so you can get cooking as soon as you arrive for your first stay in your new holiday home. The wooden patchwork tops not only look like a contemporary twist on this shaker kitchen but also help the wooden choice of furniture flow throughout the different rooms.

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Both the master and twin bedrooms have that extra luxury by gifting the owners with a high quality bedding pack and comfort plus mattresses for all beds so you can get a dreamy nights sleep. After all your holiday is for relaxing after all. The master bed also lifts for under bed storage- ideal for shoes or lager items you can store out of sight and out of mind so your Countrystyle can keep its clean finish. Both bedrooms have overhead storage and separate wardrobes, with the master also having a dressing table and stool. Our personal favourite part of the bedroom (and also the living space) are the USB charging ports for your phones or any other devices which saves you messing around with bulky plugs and even saves your relief if you forget to bring your charging plug from home. Phew!
Bathroom is small but has enough space for a standing shower and under the sink storage to keep your essentials here when you go back home.

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Whether you’re a couple looking for somewhere to spend your weekends, or a family wanting to cherish memories on the school holidays then the Willerby Countrystyle could be just what you’re looking for. Contact us to organise a viewing of the holiday home and see for yourself just how cosy and spacious the Countrystyle is! Visit our website for more information.

Affordable Holiday Home For Sale: The Willerby Rio

The “Willerby Rio” Holiday Home from “Kendal Caravans”, one of our approved agents is for sale at Millbrook Caravan Park, Plot 47. Come and see for yourself! Please see link below to view the Willerby Rio on our website.

See the Willerby Rio on our website


If you’re a couple, or even just looking for your own personal space, the Willerby Rio 10ft is an affordable option, this high quality holiday home could be the perfect match for you. Not to say that you couldn’t fit a small family inside as the home comes with a master and twin bedroom, albeit just a bit more cosy inside. At an affordable price of £25,000 which includes delivery, siting and connection this holiday home comes at a small price in return of making special memories in the countryside.


The Willbery Rio is finished in an environmental green complete with double glazed windows. The overall feel of the space is modern and surprisingly spacious for a smaller holiday home by using bright colours such as whites, beiges and light wooden textures to make this space appear bigger to the eye. You can easily add a splash of colour to the interior with your choice of accessories. Personally, neutral colours with textured tactile materials for cushions, rugs and blankets would transform this space into a toasty cubby. Houseplants are a must have to bring a burst of energy, life and colour into any interior too. The Willerby Rio can be your perfect place to escape with comfort of a gas fire.


The living, dining and kitchen spaces come with plenty storage (even in the footstool!) so you can cook in your holiday home just as you would at home. The Willerby Rio comes with an installed oven, hob, and extractor fan so you can get started straight away as soon as you make your first trip.

Bedrooms come with wardrobe and overhead storage for all your holiday attire. You can get just as many belongings in this 10ft holiday home than a 12ft size. Why not give these rooms their own character and accessorise to make each room individual.

If you think that the Willerby Rio is for you then feel free to contact us, we can organise a viewing that is best for you on Millbrook Caravan Park. In the meantime head over to the Willbery website here, where you can discover a 360 degree photoshoot and download their brochure with more information.

50 Years of Millbrook


We always looked forward to our summer holiday back in the mists of time- the 1950’s. For us then there was no jetting out to far flung resorts in foreign climes, but a drive to Endmoor, Cumbria to stay with our grandparents at Brook House. Of course it was always sunny and warm, or maybe we were looking back through rose tinted spectacles? We did things much like visitors of Millbrook do today, played games on the grassland and spent many happy hours picnicking in the Lake District. We fished from the bridge with the promise of a sixpence from our Grandpa if we caught a fish, however he knew his money would be safe as he told us the best bait was brown bread! We would peep through the big white gate at the end of the road, beyond the gate was forbidden territory. This was where the men and women of the Civil Defence came to train for disaster relief, finding casualties in collapsed buildings. Exciting stuff, happy days!

In 1968 Civil Defence was stood down and the land at Endmoor reverted back to our family. The options from the council of how the land could be used were limited but included use of a caravan site, so this is what our parents decided to do and they were granted licence in 1969. Millbrook Caravan Park was born.

Early development was not easy, the site had to be cleared of derelict buildings that had collapsed for the Civil Defence training. The old buildings were the remains of Low Gatebeck gunpowder works founded by W H Wakefield in 1850. There had been horse drawn tramways, waterwheels and a mill race, evidence of which can still be seen in the south woodland today.

The caravan park was laid out and our parents spent weekends and holidays working hard to develop the site. We served our apprenticeship; digging, wheeling barrow loads of gravel and cutting and raking grass. Most of the work was done by our parents, machinery only hired for the very heavy work. Eventually the park was opened but at that same time there were no water or sewage pipes to the caravans. Heat and light were from the gas bottles and water was carried from the stand pipes. We all remember the anticipation when lighting the gas mantles, they went with a pop and hiss. We had the oldest caravan on the site and we hated it! But it was all that we could afford, no posh new caravans for us. When Linda married Rodney, and later Barry to Glynis we welcomed two new members to the Millbrook road gang making a 6 bodied team.

Over the years Millbrook slowly developed, water sewage and electricity were made available to each site. The original small nissen huts which housed the gents and ladies toilets were remodelled, the central nissen originally a tool store now became our reception and shop. After our Dad passed away in 2004 the responsibility fell to us to take on the business and as partners we have continued to care for Millbrook with the continued involvement of our Mum.

In recent years, after storm Desmond in 2015 we were faced with flooding; Peasy Beck had never been known to overflow as it did that day. Thankfully, although we had flood damage, we did not suffer as badly as many in the area, but there were problems to rectify and measures to be taken to minimise any damage should the worst happen again. Fingers are firmly crossed every time there is a storm, after all who can predict the bipolar weather of the Lakes.


Each passing year brings new challenges, not all physical or material. There have been enormous changes to legislation since we first opened those 50 years ago; health and safety, data protection and VAT to name a few. We always do our best to ensure all our clients have protection to which they are entitled.


As we look around the site today our minds often go back to those early days, and we are proud of what our family has achieved and grateful for the efforts of all our wardens who have been with us over the years. I know Dad would be pleased with how Millbrook has developed. When our children and grandchildren come to visit we know they love it as much as we do, and will be giving the grandchildren lessons in wheelbarrow technique and mower handling just in case!

Take a look at how Millbrook looks today by visiting our gallery page on our website.

Linda Bedford and Barry Hutchings.