Walk it: Cat Bells


About a 45 minute drive up from Millbrook Caravan Park lies Cat Bells in the North Lakes, Keswick. Surprisingly for the picturesque views of Derwent Water, it’s a very moderate walk being mostly flat with a slight incline. This makes the path easy for the whole family to get involved without it being too overbearing for the little ones, or too strenuous for the inexperienced hiker.


There’s plenty to see along the way like farmland, repeat wave patterns of hills in the distance and of course the beautiful lake. For a more rocky and steep pathway you can follow the option of the more challenging route to give yourself even more satisfaction once you reach the peak.

Once at the top the view is magnificent but also full of life as Cat Bells is one of the most popular walks in Keswick. You can see couples tucking into their picnics and the friendly sheep of Cat Bells that are scattered across the hills. Watch out they don’t steal your lunch! Spending a Sunday afternoon looking over the beautiful reflection of the hills in the clear crisp waters of Derwent Water sounds just like the weekend wind down everyone needs before the Monday morning stress again. Professional hikers agree- there is no view more rewarding than Cat Bells.

Reward yourself with a nice cold pint in Keswick town afterwards. Cheers!


Walk it: Aira Force Ullswater


Ullwsater is famed for being the second largest lake in Cumbria and hosting some of the most breathtaking views in the country. A popular and moderate walking route is Aira Force, a fairly flat pathway through the woodland and hills which follow the streams and waterfalls of Ullswater. It’s when you see this side of the lake you get to really appreciate how one of the country’s most magnificent lakes is formed.



I say this is a moderate walk, this is if the snow doesn’t fall like it did this time last year, then as you’d presume it becomes more challenging but is worth it for the rarity of seeing Ullswater covered in snow almost knee deep. With a dusting of snow over the mountain tops, thick snow so perfectly untouched at the bottom and the cotton wool like texture of the clouds, this scenery is fit for a post card.

Whatever weather, whichever time of year you decide to visit Aira Force Ullswater you’re in for awe inspiring views which explains why people say that the English Lake District is one of the most beautiful places in the country. Just a little word of warning, if you find yourself in the same situation in having almost 4 feet of snow on your trek, please make sure you have the correct footwear and clothing- after-all no ones wants wet socks no matter how much piping hot tea and tomato soup is waiting for you at the end.



Walk it: Old Man Coniston


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The Lake District is famously one of the most beautiful places to tie up your walking boots to discover the breathtaking views Cumbria can offer. Old Man Coniston, just on the east side of Windermere, nextdoor to the lake of Coniston, is the 28th highest mountain to climb in the UK and proves quite a challenging walk (especially if temperatures are above 20 degrees)! Taking around 2 and 1/2 hours to climb up it was most rewarding when reaching the top to see glimpses of Ambleside in the distance as well as lake Coniston scattered with tiny dots, which up close were huge boats.


Old Man Coniston may not be the highest point, but is most certainly a walk that’s more scenic with half way up being a small lake filled with mineral water. Although the water was freezing it was fairly clear so is a perfect time to take off your, by this point, heavy walking boots to freshen up your feet. Many other people had the same idea of sitting around for a rest and snacking on their packed lunches, you may even make 2 new friends as a male and female duck have claimed this lake their home. As it was a pretty hot when we climbed Old Man Coniston some brave walkers even took a swim.


As you continually walk up there are remains of what used to be a slate quarry that ran mid way from the top along with discarded tracks and old buildings.


With only a dusting of white clouds in the light blue sky when reaching the top it was perfect for a full view. The highest mountain in the UK, Scafell Pike, was luckily in sight with such a clear sky, so proved great timing to take a perch on the rocky top and not only catch your breath but soak up the wonderful views from Old Man Coniston.