Affordable Holiday Home For Sale: The Willerby Rio

The “Willerby Rio” Holiday Home from “Kendal Caravans”, one of our approved agents is for sale at Millbrook Caravan Park, Plot 47. Come and see for yourself! Please see link below to view the Willerby Rio on our website.

See the Willerby Rio on our website


If you’re a couple, or even just looking for your own personal space, the Willerby Rio 10ft is an affordable option, this high quality holiday home could be the perfect match for you. Not to say that you couldn’t fit a small family inside as the home comes with a master and twin bedroom, albeit just a bit more cosy inside. At an affordable price of £25,000 which includes delivery, siting and connection this holiday home comes at a small price in return of making special memories in the countryside.


The Willbery Rio is finished in an environmental green complete with double glazed windows. The overall feel of the space is modern and surprisingly spacious for a smaller holiday home by using bright colours such as whites, beiges and light wooden textures to make this space appear bigger to the eye. You can easily add a splash of colour to the interior with your choice of accessories. Personally, neutral colours with textured tactile materials for cushions, rugs and blankets would transform this space into a toasty cubby. Houseplants are a must have to bring a burst of energy, life and colour into any interior too. The Willerby Rio can be your perfect place to escape with comfort of a gas fire.


The living, dining and kitchen spaces come with plenty storage (even in the footstool!) so you can cook in your holiday home just as you would at home. The Willerby Rio comes with an installed oven, hob, and extractor fan so you can get started straight away as soon as you make your first trip.

Bedrooms come with wardrobe and overhead storage for all your holiday attire. You can get just as many belongings in this 10ft holiday home than a 12ft size. Why not give these rooms their own character and accessorise to make each room individual.

If you think that the Willerby Rio is for you then feel free to contact us, we can organise a viewing that is best for you on Millbrook Caravan Park. In the meantime head over to the Willbery website here, where you can discover a 360 degree photoshoot and download their brochure with more information.

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