New Year, New Holiday Home. Swift Bordeaux For Sale on the park!

The “Swift Bordeaux” Holiday Home from “Kendal Caravans”, one of our approved agents is for sale at Millbrook Caravan Park, Plot 11. Come and see for yourself! Please see link below to view the Bordeaux on our website.

The Bordeaux offer at Millbrook Caravan Park


What better way to start the new year than owning your own holiday home? If you set yourself a new years resolution to relax, spend more time with the family, or just find something you can enjoy and escape to then please let us introduce you to the Swift Bordeaux. This luxurious holiday home is accompanied by smart and contemporary interior design such as grey wood panelling “Nebraska Oak”, high quality charcoal coloured units and pendant lighting- just to name a few. The overall feel of the interior is cosy from the use of darker neutral colours and soft furnishings, whilst also gives a Scandinavian design theme. If you’d like a little bit of luxury in 2019 then the Swift Bordeaux ticks those boxes with spacious high ceilings (7ft), chic LED lighting and full insulation.


Finished in the colour environmental green and fitted with double glazing this holiday home will be feel toasty and warm whilst blending into the countryside landscape. With a set of outlook patio doors to let the fresh country air in during the warmer months, a decking would complete the deluxe feel perfectly so you can relax and sit back with easy access inside.


The dining and kitchen area is one of the highlights of this holiday home. The charcoal cupboards topped with marble tops and finished off with industrial copper and golden details on the taps and handles is right on trend within the interior design field. The kitchen section of the home has it’s own large space, room for plenty of helpers in the kitchen, complete with vinyl wooden flooring to clean up any spillages easily. The far left island can be converted into a breakfast bar if the sofa is moved forward slightly to enhance the space even more. With 4 country styled dining chairs and large table you’ll have plenty room for family or guests to entertain and enjoy your holiday home. Using black for the chairs helps to tie in all the darker tones as well as highlighting that slight Scandinavian theme making the dining space slick and on trend.

Bedrooms are a place for peaceful sleeping and so have been designed to make the room as cosy and warm as possible with help from the muted yellow tones and tartan details on the headboards. The twin and 2 master bedrooms come complete with over the head storage as well as separate wardrobes and sideboards so you can store belongings in your caravan to feel like you have a home from home. Both bedrooms are roomy with heating throughout and large open windows for the light to filter through. For that little extra that makes life easier the bedrooms also have USB ports to charge your mobile phones next to the beds- caravans may seem like an old english traditional holiday, but they’re moving with the times and proving a luxurious stay, and that is one reason why holiday homes are here to stay.

The Swift Bordeaux is here for the taking so click the link at the start of the post to find out more details or contact us! The only thing you have to decide on is how you want to style it, that is up to you, come and take a look at the Bordeaux on Millbrook Caravan Park.

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 23.20.32.png

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